Partner Introduction

dfyboss Partnership

We are excited to share with you something we are working on that will launch the careers of many talented, yet undiscovered musicians. As you know, the music industry is tough and competitive. Many artists never get their big break, not for lack of talent, but opportunity and the right relationships. Even competition shows have been great career starters for some, but only a select few.

We are building a platform called “Vocal Junkie” in order to provide unlimited capacity for artists to get discovered, by giving them a platform fully dedicated to launching them into a successful music career. The development process provides a more natural, grassroots progression that sets artists on a pathway to getting discovered within the music industry or growing their own sustainable music career.

We want to give artists a social platform, only for music, so they can showcase their talent and accomplishments. Fans play a key role in developing their favorite artists or bands, as artists have a central profile where they can build a loyal fan-base, raise funds, produce and distribute an album, all with the purpose of launching a career. Artists like Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood and Chance the Rapper have found immense success by growing fans at the grassroots level, and we believe there are many success stories waiting to happen.

Through four stages of development, artists will gain fans and professional experience on their way to stardom. The first stage, artist discovery, is basically an ongoing, online talent show where artists share performances and even compete with other artists in an attempt to gain registered fans. Once they gain the required number of fans, they can move on to the fundraising stage where they are then supported financially by those same fans. Fundraising leads to production, and production leads to music release and ultimately launching a tour.

We have made some serious steps in product development and have outlined many great plans in our product roadmap. Obviously this is no small task and requires a team of the best minds and talent the industry has to offer. We’re looking for people who have had success in music careers either from the stage or from any supporting role so we can do this right. We can’t wait to share more details with you soon and share the excitement of what we’re planning to accomplish.