Charleston startup offers new way to launch music career

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As many talented artists never get discovered by labels and competition shows have limited capacity, a new startup called “Vocal Junkie” will provide unlimited capacity for artists to get discovered, by giving them a platform fully dedicated to launching artists into a successful music career. The development process provides a more natural, grass-roots progression that sets artists on a pathway to get discovered within the music industry or grow their own sustainable music career.

Vocal Junkie is a social platform that combines technology and music industry best practices for discovering and producing new vocal talent, by giving artists a place to showcase their talent and accomplishments. Fans play a key role in developing their favorite artists or bands, as artists have a central hub where they can build a loyal fan-base and raise funds to produce and distribute an album, all with the purpose of launching a successful music career.

Through four stages of development, artists will gain fans and professional experience on their way to stardom. The first stage, artist discovery, is basically an ongoing, online talent show where artists share performances and even compete with other artists in an attempt to gain registered fans. Once they gain the required number of fans, they can move on to the fundraising stage where they are then supported financially by those same fans. Fundraising leads to production, and production leads to music release and ultimately launching a tour.

To ensure a full production and distribution pipeline for artists, Vocal Junkie has acquired Atlanta-based “Loud Music” for its digital properties and personnel. The Loud Music business acquisition and its strategic alignment within Vocal Junkie help artists seek funding from their fans and give artists and fans a method to distribute recorded music and earn money for themselves. After its initial release in 2016, its child product, Loud Fund, has already raised over $225,000 and launched the careers of more than a dozen musicians. It is intended to help artists get their start into music production through the help of their fans.

The Vocal Junkie product roadmap kicks off with development of a web-based platform where artists can share their music performances and begin building a fan base through social media, live performances and competitions. Development will also incorporate technology and methodology from Loud Music and Loud Fund, which will create one centralized platform for all Vocal Junkie users. The company plans to launch a minimum viable product in the second quarter of 2018.